The Costa Rica Escape 2018

CostaRicaEscapeSavannaSunset horizotal.jpg

Adventure Tribe Retreats hosted our first international retreat in Samara, Costa Rica this December and it was an ADVENTURE of a lifetime! From a fiery sunset on our first day to the very last goodbye hug, it was an experience we will all remember.

Samara is a small coastal town full of Pura Vida culture, delicious food and gorgeous views in all directions. During the Costa Rica Escape, we woke up early to morning yoga practice in the Villas Espavel open-air studio, led by Savanna and serenaded by the morning songs of howler monkeys and tropical birds. We spent our days hiking to scenic vistas, splashing in the ocean, plunging into waterfalls, reflecting in seaside workshops and indulging in the sweet flavors of Samara. Oh the flavors! Cold coconut water straight from the coconut, delicious avocado, and so much juicy fruit! There are endless options for delicious vegan food. From Jardin Marino, our favorite soda (traditional Costa Rican restaurant) to the all vegan Luvburger where you can enjoy a meal with your toes in the sand. The local produce from Samara Organics is out of this world and the pineapple is truly its own dessert. It's hard not to fall in love with this place.

After a morning of Yoga and exploration we would part for lunch and a midday siesta before returning to the group for afternoon workshops designed to take the practice of Yoga off the mat and into daily life. We lounged on the grass and in hammocks under rustling palm trees as the ocean sang in the background. Savanna and our guest teacher, Manny Scardina guided group discussions about Ashtanga Yoga, Qi Gong, mind-body connections, self-awareness and personal growth. Through the philosophy and mind-body aspects of Yoga we reflected on our personal experiences, shared with each other, and created meaningful connections.

A group favorite of this Pura Vida Retreat was our private day tour guided by Mystical Tour. During the tour we hiked through the mountains to a private waterfall on our guide’s family property, learned about medicinal and edible plants, went swimming in the pools of Belen Waterfall, and enjoyed a traditional Costa Rican lunch in their family restaurant, Bar La Roca that overlooks a radiant view of blue skies and lush, green mountains.

There are many qualities of Samara that we will miss until next year. Among them are abundant wildlife including monkeys, horses, iguanas and tropical birds; warm locals who welcomed us; and the dazzling sunrises and sunsets over the Pacific Ocean. Thank you to those who ventured this journey with us. For the rest of you, we hope you can join us this year for our next Costa Rica Escape Pura Vida Retreat from December 5 - 11, 2019!


And don’t forget to check out the video for the 2018 Costa Rica Escape….